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Read X-Men Adventures (1992) comic online

X-Men Adventures (1992) Comic

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Name: X-Men Adventures (1992)
Alternate Name: X-Men Adventures (1992) 1994
Year of Release: 1994
Status: Completed
Author: Ralph Macchio
Genre: Marvel, Superhero
Views: 3,003,817
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Read X-Men Adventures (1992) Comic Online

Henry Gyrich is creating an army of Sentinels to combat mutants. As a test he sends one outto apprehend Jubilee. The Sentinel eventually locates Jubilee at a local mall. Luckily members of the X-Men areshopping within the Mall and join Jubilee destroying the sentinel and returning to Xaiver Institute for Higher Learning where they nurse Jubilee back to health. The X-Men decide someone within the government is using the Mutant Affairs registration to target mutants. They develop a plan to erase the data. As the X-Men are forming this plan Jubilee sneaks away only to be caught by another Sentinel. The X-Men begin their mission to erase the Mutant Affairs registration data. As they are about to enter the room Morph has a ominous vision.

X-Men Adventures (1992) Chapter (Issue) List
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