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Read Van Helsing: Beast of Exmoor comic online

Van Helsing: Beast of Exmoor Comic

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Name: Van Helsing: Beast of Exmoor
Alternate Name: Van Helsing: Beast of Exmoor 2021
Year of Release: 2021
Status: Completed
Author: Brian Hawkins
Genre: Fantasy
Views: 1,659

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Be sure to sink your teeth, claws and stakes in this legendary 32-page story! In the moorlands, across the field of Exmoor, in the United Kingdom a beast of once thought lore has resurfaced and is wreaking havoc on local denizens. The Royal Marines have been called in to dispatch the ravaging cryptid but even the highly trained soldiers are no match for the elusive and ferocious beast, which leaves one, Liesel Van Helsing, a very legend herself, vampire slayer and monster hunter the only hope left to capture this Beast of Exmoor, and bring an end to the carnage.

Van Helsing: Beast of Exmoor Chapter (Issue) List