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Read The Terminator: One Shot comic online

The Terminator: One Shot Comic

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Name: The Terminator: One Shot
Alternate Name: The Terminator: One Shot 1991
Year of Release: 1991
Status: Completed
Author: James Robinson
Genre: Sci-Fi
Views: 3,912

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This beautifully illustrated 48-page trade paperback spotlights writer James Robinson, who delivers a compelling and action-packed script which plays to Matt Wagner''s atmospheric and visually stunning renderings. Unknowingly, Kyle Reese went back in time to protect Sarah Conner from the second of two Terminators sent from the future to alter the past. In this one-shot special, we encounter the very first Terminator to be sent back through time, a female version of the 800-model, but just as deadly, if not more so. Her mission: to kill John Conner''s mother! The Sarah Conner that she finds has a mission of her own: to kill her new husband and take off with his vast wealth before ever having a baby!

The Terminator: One Shot Chapter (Issue) List