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Read The Rugger Boys comic online

The Rugger Boys Comic

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Name: The Rugger Boys
Alternate Name: The Rugger Boys 2007
Year of Release: 2007
Status: Completed
Author: Beka
Genre: Slice of Life
Views: 3,001,408
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Read The Rugger Boys Comic Online

They are sturdy Frenchmen, big eaters and drinkers, more physical than intellectual, more losers than winners... They like to punch it up during matches and wont, for anything in the world, miss their third half-time at the bar... Who are they? The Rugger Boys of the Bawd-Room Club, of course! With the Rugger Boys, readers infiltrate the heart of the cloakroom, the scrum, the clubhouse and the legendary third half-time... In Why Are We Here Again?, we travel with them to England, where they discover another kind of rugby... and gastronomy!

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