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Read The Eternaut 1969 comic online

The Eternaut 1969 Comic

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Name: The Eternaut 1969
Alternate Name: The Eternaut 1969 2020
Year of Release: 2020
Status: Completed
Author: Hector German Oesterheld
Genre: Horror
Views: 596
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Read The Eternaut 1969 Comic Online

This is a psychedelically drawn, boldly political retelling of the 1950s graphic novel The Eternaut, whose imagery is still used as a symbol of resistance in Latin America to this day. The 1950s version of The Eternaut, a seminal Argentine work, is drawn in F. Solano Lopez's clean, orderly comics art style. In the 1969 reboot, the darker tone is reflected in Breccias Expressionist art. In The Eternaut 1969, the great world powers have forsaken South America to alien invaders, and POV character Juan Salvo, along with his friend Professor Favalli, metalworker Franco, and neighbor Susanna, join the resistance in Buenos Aires with the knowledge that the outside world will not come to their aid. Through the lenses of these timeless characters, the politically prescient creators ask readers to consider the implications of global domination by the great powers before it's too late.

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