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Read Teen Titans: The Silver Age comic online

Teen Titans: The Silver Age Comic

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Name: Teen Titans: The Silver Age
Alternate Name: Teen Titans: The Silver Age 2017
Year of Release: 2017
Status: Completed
Author: Bob Haney
Genre: Superhero, DC Comics
Views: 7,885

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Only a short while after the first superheroes entered the scene, they were followed by a host of scrappy teenage sidekicks. Batman had Robin. The Flash had Kid Flash. Green Arrow had Speedy. Aquaman had Aqualad. By 1964 there were enough of these young heroes-in-training to form their own team—the Teen Titans! This youthful Junior Justice League came together to aid other youngsters and stomp out evil wherever they found it—all with the style and slang of the swinging ''60s. Dig it? TEEN TITANS: THE SILVER AGE OMNIBUS VOLUME 1 collects stories from THE BRAVE AND THE BOLD #54 and #60, SHOWCASE #59 and TEEN TITANS #1-11, from such talented writers and artists as Nick Cardy and Bob Haney.

Teen Titans: The Silver Age Chapter (Issue) List