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Read Stalker comic online

Stalker Comic

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Name: Stalker
Alternate Name: Stalker 1975
Year of Release: 1975
Status: Completed
Author: Paul Levitz
Genre: DC Comics, Superhero
Views: 3,001,184
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Read Stalker Comic Online

This sword and sorcery title by scribe Paul Levitz and artist Steve Ditko epitomized the credo Be careful what you wish for. The series anti-hero was a nameless wanderer whose dreams of becoming a warrior brought him first slavery, then worse. Dgrth, the demon lord of warriors, answered the boys prayers and granted him unparalleled combat skills, plus a hunters gifts and name - in exchange for his soul. As Stalker the Souless, the youth came to realize that smiting his enemies brought him no joy, for he had been stripped of his humanity. From that point, the young hunters target became the demon that made him. Stalker ran for four issues.

Stalker Chapter (Issue) List