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Read Spider-Man 2099: Dark Genesis comic online

Spider-Man 2099: Dark Genesis Comic

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Name: Spider-Man 2099: Dark Genesis
Alternate Name: Spider-Man 2099: Dark Genesis 2023
Year of Release: 2023
Status: Ongoing
Author: Steve Orlando
Genre: Mini-Series, Marvel
Views: 13,432

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FROM THE SHADOW OF EXODUS…COMES THE DARK GENESIS! MIGUEL O''HARA, THE FUTURISTIC SPIDER-MAN OF 2099, MUST FACE A SINISTER CARNAGE LIKE NEVER BEFORE! As society begins to crumble, SPIDER-MAN 2099 will need all the help he can get - but does the public even want his help? Or do they all just want to watch this world burn? STEVE ORLANDO (SCARLET WITCH, SPIDER-MAN 2099: EXODUS) continues his journey through the future world of 2099, this time paired with bombastic artist JUSTIN MASON (SPIDER-PUNK) - get ready for the debut of the NEW HEROES and VILLAINS that populate the future!

Spider-Man 2099: Dark Genesis Chapter (Issue) List
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