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Read Spawn: Simony comic online

Spawn: Simony Comic

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Name: Spawn: Simony
Alternate Name: Spawn: Simony 2004
Year of Release: 2004
Status: Completed
Author: Alex Nikolavitch
Genre: Sci-Fi
Views: 3,000,319
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Read Spawn: Simony Comic Online

Cog -- with the help of a young woman -- gathers ancient religious artifacts which played a major role in human history 2000 years ago. The action shifts from the Far East to Paris, where the French governments security service is also looking for one of the artifacts to breed its own super-soldier and eventually sell the technology. That secret project is located in the Paris catacombs and combines science and sorcery. Some religious orders seek to destroy this project, because it could cast a new light on the true identity of one of Christianitys most sacred icons. Unfortunately the project is given life and the Necro Cop is born. Cog must have the artifact to obtain redemption and Spawn wants to stop the madness of it all. These characters and their conflicting agendas eventually collide in Paris under the eye of Mammon, the man-in-white in charge of Hell, All ending with a final battle between Spawn and the Necro Cop.

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