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Read Spawn: Architects of Fear comic online

Spawn: Architects of Fear Comic

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Name: Spawn: Architects of Fear
Alternate Name: Spawn: Architects of Fear 2011
Year of Release: 2011
Status: Completed
Author: Arthur Clare, Todd McFarlane
Genre: Action, Adventure, Superhero
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Read Spawn: Architects of Fear Comic Online

Ethaan, one of the five Angels of the dreaded caste of the Architects, seeks the help of Hellspawn Al Simmons to restore one of their oldest and most secret of weapons, the Horsaak-El. This living trap hidden in the dark alleyways of the Big Apple kept for centuries the souls of the damned, preventing them from joining the armies of Hell. But lately, the Horsaak-El has started to prey on innocent humans to quench its unbounded thirst for souls. Only a soul already marked with the seal of Hell can enter the trap to stop it. This is at least what Ethaan tells Spawn whom she wants to use as a Trojan horse to enter and destroy the mad creature. To make sure Spawn wont thwart her plan, Ethaan managed to attract one of Al Simmons closest relatives in the heart of the Horsaak-El: his own brother Marc Simmons.

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