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Read Persephone (2017) comic online

Persephone (2017) Comic

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Name: Persephone (2017)
Alternate Name: Persephone (2017) 2017
Year of Release: 2017
Status: Completed
Author: Allison Shaw
Genre: Graphic Novels
Views: 4,839
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Read Persephone (2017) Comic Online

(From Kickstarter) In his ancient hymns, Homer tells us of the unyielding Lord of the Dead who kidnapped the innocent daughter of Demeter. He tells us quite a bit, in fact, for someone who wasn't there.
Persephone is no tragic victim, but a kind young woman held in place by her overbearing mother. A failed scheme by Apollo leads her to a chance encounter with the humorless Hades, who is struck by love's arrow. Now he must wrestle with his aching heart before he loses control entirely.
...Not that the infatuated Persephone has any complaints regarding Hades plight...

Persephone (2017) Chapter (Issue) List
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