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Read Oz Annual: Patchwork Girl comic online

Oz Annual: Patchwork Girl Comic

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Name: Oz Annual: Patchwork Girl
Alternate Name: Oz Annual: Patchwork Girl 2021
Year of Release: 2021
Status: Completed
Author: Jenna Lyn Wright
Genre: Fantasy
Views: 1,846

Read Oz Annual: Patchwork Girl Comic Online

Dorothy was once a young farm girl from Kansas, but it has been many years since she has been that person and even longer since she has returned to Earth. Now, residing as the queen of Oz, ruler of the Emerald City, she and her people have gone through their hardships but she has been there to protect them. But when a magical tornado rips through a prison, bringing one of most evil of creatures to ever walk among in Oz, to a small town in our world, Dorothy and her friends must set out to protect a place she once called home. And what she will find will change the very fabric of her identity. Introducing a horrifying new character, The Patchwork Girl, in this super-sized 64-page tale that can''t be missed!

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Oz Annual: Patchwork Girl Chapter (Issue) List
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