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Read Metropolis Grove comic online

Metropolis Grove Comic

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Name: Metropolis Grove
Alternate Name: Metropolis Grove 2021
Year of Release: 2021
Status: Completed
Author: Drew Brockington
Genre: DC Comics, Superhero
Views: 345
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Read Metropolis Grove Comic Online

The big city is full of Superman sightings, but here in Metropolis Grove? Every kid in this suburb knows that hes not real...except newcomer Sonia Patel, who convinces her friends Duncan and Alex to believe. When the trio discovers a mysterious cave full of Super-memorabilia, they cant keep it to themselves-and that sets off a school year full of drama, adventure, and more than a few opportunities for a newfound friendship to test its limits. And when they finally figure out the resident of the cave is Bizarro, things get even more out of control! Join Drew Brockington, author and illustrator of the IndieBound bestselling graphic novel series CatStronauts and the picture book Hangry, for this thrilling new tale!.

Metropolis Grove Chapter (Issue) List
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