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Read Mark of Charon comic online

Mark of Charon Comic

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Name: Mark of Charon
Alternate Name: Mark of Charon 2003
Year of Release: 2003
Status: Completed
Author: Tony Bedard
Genre: Sci-Fi
Views: 2,570

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Charon, God-Emperor of the Negation Empire, is the ultimate villain. He commands a universe of evil that poses a grave threat to every living soul in the CrossGen Universe. And when he decides to create his own version of the Sigil? the mysterious red and yellow mark that empowers many of CrossGen''s greatest heroes? Charon sets into motion an epic adventure that will expose the secret origins of the Negation, and decide the future of the CrossGen Universe! Do not miss this landmark mini-series, featuring a surprise hero, a new team of evil Sigil-Bearers, and revelations that readers will be talking about for years to come.

Mark of Charon Chapter (Issue) List