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Read Man In Furs comic online

Man In Furs Comic

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Name: Man In Furs
Alternate Name: Man In Furs 2019
Year of Release: 2019
Status: Completed
Author: Catherine Sauvat
Genre: Biography
Views: 1,410
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Read Man In Furs Comic Online

In 1870, Leopold von Sacher-Masoch published Venus in Furs, an erotic novel revealing the author's desire to be dominated by a woman. (And paid homage in the classic Velvet Underground song of the same name.) After the novel's success, a woman turns up at his doorstep and offers to take on the role in Sacher-Masoch's real life. He completely submits to her, and they get married. Years later, Leopold has remarried and lives a quiet life, far removed from the sexual escapades of his first marriage. Then he learns that his surname, to his detriment, has come to describe a new sexual perversion: masochism. Man In Furs is his story. This compelling graphic biography is a collaboration between the biographer Catherine Sauvat and the celebrated cartoonist Anne Simon. Simon's gentle cartooning perfectly complements Sauvat's empathetic script.

Man In Furs Chapter (Issue) List
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