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Read Kaijumax Season 5 comic online

Kaijumax Season 5 Comic

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Name: Kaijumax Season 5
Alternate Name: Kaijumax: Season Five
Year of Release: 2019
Status: Ongoing
Author: Zander Cannon
Genre: Sci-Fi
Views: 3,001,818
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Read Kaijumax Season 5 Comic Online

NEW SEASON! NEW JUMPING ON POINT! The longest rampage is the Orange Mile. Follow us down into the bowels of the earth to Kaijumaxs Death Row, where all appeals to cosmic justice have been exhausted and the planets worst killers await their fates. Powerful mob boss Pikadon is defiant as he is finally brought to trial for an infamous cop-killing, but his legendary reputation is on the wane after a long time in hiding. Up on the pound, the remnants of the prisons other gangs adjust to the arrival of a charismatic new inmate Sprinkles the Unidragon whose history (and charges) are shrouded in mystery. Also: Exonerating special effects footage! Giant-sized side hustles! And... ominous onomatopoeia?

Kaijumax Season 5 Chapter (Issue) List
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