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Read Homer, the Happy Ghost comic online

Homer, the Happy Ghost Comic

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Name: Homer, the Happy Ghost
Alternate Name: Homer, the Happy Ghost 1958
Year of Release: 1958
Status: Completed
Author: Various
Genre: Comedy, Marvel
Views: 3,016,416

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Homer the Happy Ghost is a fictional supernatural-humor character published by Atlas Comics, the 1950s predecessor ofMarvel Comics. The title character first appeared in Homer, The Happy Ghost #1 (March 1955); although strongly resemblingCasper, he possesses freckles, a Tintin style cowlick and a halo. All of Homers stories were written by Stan Lee and drawn byDan DeCarlo. The title lasted until 1958. In addition, Atlas published two issues of Adventures of Homer Ghost (June & Aug. 1957.)

Homer, the Happy Ghost Chapter (Issue) List
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