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Read Green Lantern/Red Lanterns comic online

Green Lantern/Red Lanterns Comic

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Name: Green Lantern/Red Lanterns
Alternate Name: Green Lantern/Red Lanterns 2014
Year of Release: 2014
Status: Completed
Author: Robert Venditti
Genre: DC Comics, Superhero
Views: 3,000,971
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Read Green Lantern/Red Lanterns Comic Online

Special Double-Issue Event containing both GREEN LANTERN (2011- ) #28 and RED LANTERNS (2011- ) #28. With dozens of sectors in open rebellion against the Green Lantern Corps, Hal Jordan is faced with a crisis in the sector most important to him: 2814, home of Earth...as well as Ysmault, home of the Red Lanterns. Hal made a dangerous bargain with Guy Gardner, and now its time to pay up!
*This issue contains the complete stories from GREEN LANTERN (2011- ) #28 and RED LANTERNS (2011- ) #28. RED LANTERNS will resume next month in issue #29!

Green Lantern/Red Lanterns Chapter (Issue) List
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