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Read Civil War II: Kingpin comic online

Civil War II: Kingpin Comic

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Name: Civil War II: Kingpin
Alternate Name: Civil War II: Kingpin 2016
Year of Release: 2016
Status: Completed
Author: Matthew Rosenberg
Genre: Superhero, Marvel
Views: 4,579

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An Inhuman with the ability to predict the future has helped the heroes of the Marvel Universe clamp down on crime before it can even happen. While this thwarts most criminals, one man has found a way to keep doing what he does best. Wilson Fisk has managed to stay one step ahead of the good guys and his crime enterprise is BOOMING. But what''s his secret?! Rising stars Matthew Rosenberg (We Can Never Go Home) and Ricardo Lopez Ortiz (Wolf) present a gritty, street-level view of CIVIL WAR II starring the Kingpin in a world without crime!

Civil War II: Kingpin Chapter (Issue) List