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Read Bermuda comic online

Bermuda Comic

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Name: Bermuda
Alternate Name: Bermuda 2021
Year of Release: 2021
Status: Ongoing
Author: John Layman
Genre: Sci-Fi
Views: 1,156

Read Bermuda Comic Online

There''s a region in the Atlantic Ocean where planes disappear, ships are lost, and traveling souls go missing... never to be heard from again. And there''s an island within this place, mysterious and uncharted, an island untouched by time and civilization, where all who are lost end up. Bermuda lives here. She''s 16, scrappy, and a survivor, and this has been the only life she has ever known... until today. She''s discovered something on her Island that will either open a doorway between her world and ours... or destroy it!

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Bermuda Chapter (Issue) List
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