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Read Baker Street (1989) comic online

Baker Street (1989) Comic

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Name: Baker Street (1989)
Alternate Name: Baker Street (1989) 1989
Year of Release: 1989
Status: Completed
Author: Guy Davis
Genre: Mystery
Views: 6,053

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Baker Street is a story set in an alternate-universe London where World War II never happened and the Victorian influence on British society continued into the 1980s. Divided into two arcs of five issues each, Honour Among Punks and Children of the Night combine Sherlock Holmes mystery and Jack the Ripper horror to create a unique and fascinating storyline. Featuring punks, goths, corrupt police, and an American student studying abroad, these two stories keep you guessing until the end. Each story arc was collected in its own trade paperback published by Caliber in 1993, and then published together in one volume by Milk and Cookies Press in 2008.

Baker Street (1989) Chapter (Issue) List
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