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Read Aliens: Labyrinth comic online

Aliens: Labyrinth Comic

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Name: Aliens: Labyrinth
Alternate Name: Aliens: Labyrinth 1994
Year of Release: 1994
Status: Completed
Author: Jim Woodring
Genre: Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi
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Read Aliens: Labyrinth Comic Online

Aliens may be virtually impossible to control, but what if man could anticipate their actions? In a deep space research station, Dr. Paul Church studies Alien behavioral responses. How does an Alien track its prey? Can an Alien distinguish whether a human is armed? Will an Alien ever retreat from an attack? Test after test, patterns of behavior are revealed to Church... patterns which are predictable.
The station is carefully supervised; every precaution is taken, but everyone knows the risks. When an apparent saboteur is killed by an escaped Alien, the site of scientific research gives way to a homicide investigation. Col. Dr. Anthony Crespi, the stalwart survivor of Aliens: Backsplash (featured in Dark Horse Comics #12 and 13), suspects that the Alien subject may not have escaped on its own, and is determined to uncover the truth.

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