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Read A Hell of An Innocent comic online

A Hell of An Innocent Comic

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Name: A Hell of An Innocent
Alternate Name: A Hell of An Innocent 2018
Year of Release: 2018
Status: Completed
Author: Zidrou
Genre: Crime
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Read A Hell of An Innocent Comic Online

When unassuming candy store owner Ike Hopper dies of a heart attack, he leaves behind a bombshell that rocks his small Australian town. His confession of guilt to a 27-year old murder—the savage stabbing of local girl Lee Duncan—brings his brother Greg, accused of the crime, out of the bush where hes been hiding. But Greg, returning to his hometown of Dubbo to tie up loose ends, finds not all ghosts go quietly to the grave. For instance, he seems to see his ex-wife Lee taunting him wherever he wanders... A hard-hitting, guilt-ridden, sun-drenched slice of outback noir.

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