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Read The Lions of Leningrad comic online

The Lions of Leningrad Comic

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Name: The Lions of Leningrad
Alternate Name: The Lions of Leningrad 2019
Year of Release: 2019
Status: Completed
Author: Jean-Claude Van Rijckeghem
Genre: Historical
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Read The Lions of Leningrad Comic Online

On January 27, 1962, a concert at the Maly Theatre in Leningrad is interrupted by a gunshot and an ex-state prisoner is arrested. At the police station, the mysterious gunman recalls the early summer of 1941... When the German army begins its invasion of Soviet Russia, four children are evacuated to the countryside: Maxim, the son of a senior Communist Party official; Pyotr, the son of writers; Anka, the daughter of a concert violinist; and Grigory, the son of a pilot that was executed for insubordination. The farm where they are staying is attacked and the train that is supposed to take them to safety is blown to bits by German planes. The four children must find their way back to Leningrad through enemy lines. This adventure will test their friendship to the limit...

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