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Read Cable (1993) comic online

Cable (1993) Comic

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Name: Cable (1993)
Alternate Name: Cable (1993) 2002
Year of Release: 2002
Status: Completed
Author: James Robinson
Genre: Marvel, Superhero
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Read Cable (1993) Comic Online

The mighty Stan Lee rips through a page of a Cable comic dressed as Cable himself. He quickly explains that this issue deals with time anomalies - stuff even he gets confused by. Out of ados, Stan the Man lets the story proceed.
In Scotland, Moira MacTaggart and her charge, Wolfsbane, are headed to the mainland because of a friend of theirs, Angus, claims that something bad is about to go down. Tying up a port, Angus informs the ladies that Reverend Craig is in the town square harassing a visitor that seems to have appeared out of nowhere.
In the town square, the Reverend is busy preaching hellfire and damnation. He is certain that the visitor is Satanspawn due to the glowing yellow eye and the smoke coming off his skin. He dubs the visitor the Devils Herald. It doesnt help that the stranger is speaking gibberish. Moira wants to diffuse the situation and she scolds the crowd for such harsh judgment. Some in the crowd see her point and become a bit more hospitable. Then someone touches the metallic arm to find that it feels alive. New fear is born and the Reverend incites the crowd to kill the man. Cable (for so it is) uses his telepathy to get the citizens to forget their anger and fear and the crowd disperses. Even the Reverend thinks that Moira has claimed Cable as a cousin from England and goes on his merry way. With no one left to condemn him, Cable goes with Moira and Wolfsbane to Muir Island.

Cable (1993) Chapter (Issue) List
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