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Read Angel (1999) comic online

Angel (1999) Comic

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Name: Angel (1999)
Alternate Name: Angel (1999) 2001
Year of Release: 2001
Status: Completed
Author: Christopher Golden
Genre: Supernatural
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Read Angel (1999) Comic Online

What is it with this Angel guy? Not only has the moody, square-jawed vampire got his own television show, but now hes getting the monthly comic-book treatment, courtesy of Christopher Golden (Buffy the Vampire Slayer:Angel), Christian Zanier (Buffy #12), and Andy Owens (Buffy #12). Having fled Sunnydale, and all the difficult emotional circumstances that go along with it, Angel has set up shop as a paranormal investigator in Los Angeles. With the help of Sunnydales favorite prom queen, Cordelia Chase, and demon-spawn wiseacre Doyle, Angel has his work cut out for him! Get on the bandwagon now, so that you can say you were buying this dynamite book from the start!

Angel (1999) Chapter (Issue) List
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