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Read 20 Million Miles More comic online

20 Million Miles More Comic

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Name: 20 Million Miles More
Alternate Name: Ray Harryhausen Presents 20 Million Miles More
Year of Release: 2007
Status: Completed
Author: Scott Davis
Genre: Sci-Fi
Views: 3,000,511
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Read 20 Million Miles More Comic Online

This special zero issues features never before seen images and character designs of the cult classic! The classic Ray Harryhausen sci-fi epic re-imagines it for a new generation. Its been 50 years since the strange being from Venus rampaged through Italy. So it has been 50 years of secrets, misinformation, and outright lying. Once the world was convinced that the Ymir was a giant hoax and the mission to Venus never happened, it was lulled back to sleep, ignorant of the truth. But no one counted on genetics. Years of secret testing and breakthroughs in many of the gray areas of science created unintended consequences that could bring the Earth to its knees... and only an 11-year-old child can save it.

20 Million Miles More Chapter (Issue) List
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